Cold Water...Warm Feet

TAKE A LOOK AT OUR LOW COST WET-SUIT FOR FEET. Miss Crystal and Captain Tim spend a lot of the time with their feet in the water and have discovered a low cost solution to keeping their feet warm in cold water. Shown above is an inexpensive pair of water shoes from Costco. Walmart will also have these inexpensive water shoes. Couple a pair of these inexpensive shoes with inexpensive cotton ankle socks and problem solved. The problem with waters shoes is that when the water is cold so are your feet. We spend a lot of time ankle-deep in our nearby mountain lakes launching and retrieving our kayaks and SUP's and water shoes are a must-have lakeside accessory. For years we have put up with cold feet plus an uncomfortable and sometime painful layer of sand and sharp pebbles that accumulated in our water-shoes. No more! Two years ago I forgot to take my ankle socks off and after a couple of hours in the water wearing shoes...and socks... I noticed how warm my feet were. An added benefit was that the socks cushioned away the uncomfortable feel of sand and pebbles that migrated into my shoes. It seemed that the wet socks held the body-heat from my feet in the thin wet area between my skin and the socks! Kind of like what a wet suit does for scuba divers. Just inexpensive water shoes (with hard soles) and a pair of dollar socks and i was warm all day. In...and out... of the water. Spend a lot of time in the water? Give our warm-foot-water shoes a try just like Brent and Aubrey have shewn above with their Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126 SUP on the left, or like Kool Ken shown meditating in a Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Kayak on the upper right.
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