Our Weekly Holiday Deals Starting Black Friday!

Save Big with Our Weekly Ho-Ho Holideals!

Though we haven’t even carved the turkey and poured the gravy yet, we can’t contain our excitement any longer! We’re thrilled to announce our biggest sale in celebration of our favorite time of year. Every week, we’re going to be having a special sale on our hottest selling inflatables of the year - including the Sea Eagle FastTracks, Explorers, FishSkiff, and Paddleboards! Keep an eye on our Facebook & Instagram pages.
  • Week 1: FastTracks
  • Week 2: Explorers
  • Week 3: FishSkiff
  • Week 4: Stand Up Paddleboards
Holiday Sale on Inflatable Kayaks, Boats and SUPs Learn more about each collection to find the right inflatable for your future paddling adventures:

Sea Eagle FastTrack Series

FastTrack Inflatable Kayak on Watson Lake This is our absolute favorite kayak to paddle as a family. They’re incredibly stable, and faster, and easier to paddle than the 330/370 series, or our Explorer series. They’re great for open water, camping, fishing, exploring, and can even be used in up to class 3 white water! These kayaks can also take a number of different accessories that makes them truly multi-purpose kayaks. They can take a swivel fish rig seat, a side motormount for electric motors, and the QuikSail downwind sail.

Sea Eagle Explorer Series

420x Explorer Inflatable Kayak Another favorite family kayak are the Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks. They’re wide, stable, and though they paddle slightly slower than the FastTrack, the Explorers are built for reliably running class 4 whitewater. There are 16 drain valves to drain water almost as fast as it comes in, or simply close the drain valves to stay dry.

Sea Eagle FishSkiff

FishSkiff Inflatable Fishing Boat The FishSkiff is a 1 or 2 person motor boat for fishing. It’s got a super tough, double layer hull, 1 or 2 swivel fishing seats with rod-holders, a transom capable of taking up to a 6 hp motor. This new product uses drop stitch construction, the same technology that allowed stand up paddleboards to be made inflatable, yet feel incredibly rigid. Maintenance, upkeep and gasoline use are pretty close to zero. Because of the double fabric construction of this boat, it is quite literally our very toughest inflatable boat. It is very, very difficult to puncture this boat. So bring on those large, spiny catches!

Sea Eagle Paddleboards

Inflatable Paddleboard SUP If paddleboarding is more up your alley, we’ve got the a variety of inflatable paddleboards created to suit you for your perfect adventure:
  • The Sea Eagle HB96 is incredibly buoyant and stable for its size. It is quite a short - just 9' 6". It also has many Sea Eagle standard SUP features - front and stern carry handles, 4 D-rings for seats when paddling it like a kayak or accepting our swivel fish rig seat, a rear larger D-ring in the stern for a leash. In many ways this is our most versatile, most rugged and most portable SUP. You can surf it, paddle it standing, paddle it sitting, fish it. You can also put our swivel seat fish rig on for 360° fishing. Just 23 lbs, it’s still really light and portable.
  • The Sea Eagle LB11 & LB126 are our most popular SUPs. They share many of the same features as the HB96, but they are narrower. As a matter of fact, longer boards are more stable if the width is the same. That is because there is more surface area balancing on the water. So, in truth, the LB11 and LB126 are almost equally stable as the HB96, especially since they are a little square ended. As such, they are great all-around SUPs, capable of taking all the bells and whistles we offer - fish rig seat, DKS, TBS seats, QuikSail, etc.
  • The Sea Eagle NeedleNose Series are open water SUPs, not designed for Surf, but still fun to paddle through surf and then paddle just outside the break. Their claim to fame is the wave-piercing bow design which makes them paddle like a rigid fiberglass SUP. Simply put, they paddle faster and easier on open water than any other inflatable SUPs.
No matter where you plan on adventuring - take advantage of our biggest sale on Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks, boats, and paddleboards! Shop this year’s favorites, without breaking the bank. We even partnered with PayPal to offer 6-month, 0% interest financing to help alleviate your wallet during the holidays. Shop Now.
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