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Out for a paddle on Chilcoot Lake Alaska. The McCanna’s own a Sea Eagle 330, 2 person inflatable kayak. It just fits the 50-lb bag rule for airline luggage. “Always nice to have your own boat to get out on the water! Read about The McCanna’s travels with their Sea Eagle 330. Although the McCanna's use the lightweight 26 pound 11'2" Sea Eagle 330 Kayak from our value group of Sport Kayaks during their travels we feel Sea Eagle's best all-around travel kayak is the new 2013 31 pound ultra-light Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 Deluxe. The Sea Eagle FastTrack is the headliner from our super-stable premium level group of kayaks and is not only the best all around air-travel kayak but tops Tim’s Insane Kayak Rankings as your best kayak choice period .
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