Every aspect of our experience has been stellar. Customer service and delivery was prompt, set-up was easy, and the boat performed as advertised. We greatly enjoyed our day on the water, and look forward to enlightening others to the benefits of owning an inflatable.

Robert Moore , TRENTON

I like it. Easy enough to set up. Kinda heavy if you were thinking of packing it very far but awesome for pulling up to a boat launch and getting on the water quick. Feels good in the water. Not tippy and easy for 2 novice paddlers to navigate. Real happy with the purchase and the free shipping was nice.

Logan Hugmeyer, Dallas

LOVE IT ! LOVE IT ! LOVE IT !The call I was waiting for finally came. My son asked me to go canoeing with him. I jumped at the opportunity. You see, I bought my Sea Eagle Kayak as a Christmas present to myself last December. I was waiting for the call of the wild and fun child. He Called !! We went and now he LOVES IT TOO !! PHOTOS next time : ) HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY Melissa Brooks


I wanted to give some feedback on a wonderful experience with purchasing the STS10 Sea Eagle boat and Easy Cart.From the call back from Tim without leaving a message to the status point checks on the shipment from Crystal were extraordinary and outstanding!!!I just finished the initial setup and it went 95% without a hitch. The boat and the canopy were really very slick and no issues.The Easy Cart went well until it came time to strap the boat onto the cart. The straps are only a little over 3 ft and were unusable, the instructions mentioned they should have been 67″ long.I did have a strap in my garage that worked much better than what would have been included for correct straps from the factory.All in all it was a great experience and i’m glad that I did business with Inflatableboats4less!!!

Tom and Cheryl

We find it a great pleasure to write this testimonial in gratitude of Crystal and Tim and their great business, Inflatable Boats 4 Less. If you are researching where to buy an inflatable you need to look no further. We purchased a 465FT from Tim in 2014. Since we needed some help on an issue that arose with my kayak, we decided to email Sea Eagle directly and my wife suggested contacting Tim & Crystal too! We can’t tell you how pleased we are with how they handled our concern. Their email and personal contact by phone was second to none. Tim & Crystal went beyond the call of duty for us, but we know by their love of life and for the outdoors, they were the type of folks that would really stand up for customer service and satisfaction. Personally, we would like to call them real “friends” and if they ever visit San Diego, our door is always open for them if the need should arise for anything. At the very least, lunch is on us. I decided to make a kayak dolly in honor of Sea Eagle’s great response to our situation and going the extra mile for us. Also, you can be assured that we will advertise for both Sea Eagle and Inflatable Boats 4 Less, no matter where we launch our kayak on the water.

Rick & Robin Staniszewski Chula Vista, CA

Thank you so much for your attentionto the purchase of my new FastTrack. All your videos and other advice isvery much appreciated. I’m not sure if anyone else wouldhave been as easy and as informativeas you have been. I’ve been looking for a kayak for yearsand finally decided to look at inflatablesdue to weight and transportation needs. I’m getting to old to carry 60 pounds of kayak to and from the launch site, letalone put it on top of my SUV. Your excellent advice and info made ita no brainer for the FastTrack. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Jay Shepherd

I continue to be extremely satisfied with my FastTrack 385, purchased from you folks a couple years ago. I continue to make short YouTube videos about my ‘Grandpa Adventures’ in the boat. One recent tongue-in-cheek video features a short trip with my 12 year old grandson, Sam:Thanks for many happy hours in my FastTrack, including last weekend – two days down the Namekagon and St. Croix rivers.

Galen Erickson

We had the opportunity to try out the 380x this past weekend and love it! It meets and exceeds our expectations in every way. We were on the river in north Alabama with two of our children, their spouses, and three teenage grandsons. Everyone had to try it out and all were very complimentary. Our son, who is a civil engineer, and his wife took it out and came back talking about how stable it is. He seems to be the ‘old mother hen’ of our three children, and seems to always be concerned about our safety. He seems to be comfortable with us being out in an inflatable kayak, but is insistent on us rigging up a pole with a blaze orange flag to make us visible to boaters. Probably a good idea, and the flat water areas we will visit near home have a lot of nuts running around at high speeds, some of which are tanked up on alcohol. Thanks for you input and recommendations. YOU CANNOT HAVE THE 380X BACK!

Dewey Lackey

We’re so thrilled with our FastTrack 465, wow. We tested it for two day-paddles in Lake Ontario with 20-35 kph winds and were amazed at how speedy and stable it was even into the headwinds. We just returned from a 4-day canoe trip into Algonquin Park’s interior and we zipped past every canoe out there with ease. I really can’t believe how much truer and quicker this tracks than a hard shell canoe, especially in wind. Incredibly comfy, too. We were loaded with 150-180lbs of gear, our 50lb dog, and the two of us (300lbs). Soloing it is a dream, too and I can really get moving.


Received our Explorer yesterday, and tried it out on Klamath Lake this afternoon… Love it. Nice and stable, and tracks well. Glad we went with the bigger size, itsjust perfect for the two of us. Thanks for your advice, and for the great service. Have already recommendedyou to some Oregon friends… It turned a few heads at the lake too. Won’t hesitate to contact you again if we want a change or upgrade.

Steve & Jackie

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing customer service and ease of purchase of our new Sea Eagle boat. The lady at our boat registration office was truly impressed with the signed bill of sale from Crystal. It made registering our boat a piece of cake. I gave her your website so if others ask for a perfect place to purchase an inflatable she can direct them to you.

Lisa Carman

I’m sure you don’t remember me but last year I bought a Fastrack 385ft from you. My wife and I live in the Las Vegas area and primarily use our kayak when cruising on our 23′ C-Dory powerboat. We love our Kayak! For the last several weeks we’ve been cruising around the San Juan Islands and surrounding areas, and paddling in anchorages and marinas. On several occasions I have been asked about the Fastrack and given rides to folks. All are impressed by both the handling and construction. Each time I also mention your names (and web address) and the level of support and ethical service I received from you. I hope you receive some inquiries as at least two folks expressed intense interest. Thanks again and keep paddling…

Rob McClain

I couldn’t be happier, from your advice, which was quicker than expected, the order process, your shipping and the one thing that may make me a lifer, is the quality of your products! Keep it up!Thanks for everything, I hope to post photos and comments soon!

Daniel Griffith

Thank you for all of your advice. I did look over the Sea Eagle 385 ft and found it to be a good choice based on your comments, but after looking over both kayaks, I chose the 393 RazorLite and have placed my order with you. My decision was based on info i hadn’t given you. This will be my 2nd kayak and will let me use my compact car or even my motorcycle to get to the waters edge. I hope to take this kayak with me when I vacation and its smaller footprint when packed, as well as its light weight, are very attractive to me. I do believe the fast track is more stable and more suitable for fishing, but after spending a little time thinking about my reason for wanting an inflatable, the decision became clear, it’s really about being out on the water and getting some excercise too. I’ll use it for fishing surveillance (lol), before hauling out all my gear and my heavy fishing yak. I do fear never using my other kayak again, if it’s as easy to prep and stow, as it seems. Once again, thanks for all of your advice and your responsiveness! You got back to me far sooner than I expected and if your service after the sale is as good as before, you’ll have set the bar high for any competitor to ever steal my business.


John Evans here. Thought I’d give you another update on our Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak, which my wife and I purchased from y’all about a year and a half ago. We fish regularly on the Blanco, Medina, Guadalupe, and South Llano Rivers in Central Texas, and the Sea Eagle Explorer has been a great fishing kayak for us. It’s stable, tough, has a great carrying capacity, and is a pleasure to paddle. With the skeg in place, it tracks great! It’s easy to inflate and deflate and, overall, is a pleasure to own. We still count it as one of the wisest outdoor sport purchases we’ve every made. Well, everyone needs an “attaboy” now and again, and I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work.


Just wanted to let you know I received my 285 and have had 2 full days of sea trials. (Actually ”lake” trials). While there are a few minor glitches, so far the 285 has met or exceeded my expectations. I have been searching for a few years for an inexpensive way to get onto the water to fish the Winter Haven (FL) Chain Of Lakes – widely known as bass fishing paradise. Now I have access to the reed banks, shore cover, drifting, trolling and honey holes that the big boys have – in their $40,000 bass rigs. (The Chain Of Lakes consists of 16 small to medium size lakes all connected by a canal system).A few notes:I sprang for the MinnKota Battery Box/Power System – absolutely essential. Voltage monitor, 2 accessory plugs, battery protection box and circuit breakers.The MinnKota Endura 30lb trolling motor is plenty of power, even in slightly windy conditions.The $100 air pump, absolutely essential.I was able to rig a Garmin 200 sonar/fishfinder easily. From a 2 X 4 board I cut and finished a block of wood to fit perfectly into the center square hole of the Seat Caddy and attached the Garmin base to that. When I swivel in the seat, the Garmin moves with me and is always right under my eyes. I installed a ”cigarette” type plug to the power cord to plug into the power center. The transducer runs down and is attached easily to the bottom of the trolling motor. Works perfectly and I still have 2 rod holders rather than one rod holder and the fishfinder mounted in the other rod holder.The elephant in the room that no one talks about is the state required registration numbers that have to be placed on both sides of the boat at the bow. I almost bought my 285 directly from Sea Eagle because of the 180 day return policy. But painting or otherwise attaching the required registraton numbers would have invalidated that benefit anyway. So it’s basically a useless benefit – and deceptive – for anyone planning on powering their boat. I’m glad I bought from you and saved some money versus the 180 day return.Not that I would have wanted to return it anyway, but your 30 day policy is adequate.It’s taking me a lot longer to set up and tear down. Why? Because people are stopping and asking me all kinds of questions about the boat, which I am happy to answer. I came off the water a few days ago and pulled my small Hyundai Accent up for tearing down and loading. Two guys were standing there and watched the entire process – both swearing that I was never going to fit everything into my Accent. Maybe I should start taking wagers.So I am very pleased with my purchase and I appreciate the interaction with you both during the sales process.Who knows, I may be able to throw some business your way.

Dan Whisler

You may recall that my wife and I purchased a Sea Eagle Explorer kayak from you about 8 months ago, and we’ve now had the opportunity to use it numerous times. We thought you’d like to know that we both agree it’s the best recreational purchase we have made in a long, long time. I’ve spent some time evaluating why we like the Explorer so much, and it comes down to three reasons:1. First, the ”build” quality is very high. We are impressed with the workmanship, which is so hard to find nowadays.2. You may remember that my main worry here in Central Texas was about the durability of the craft. We don’t have a lot of big, bad whitewater, but we do have tons of rough caliche rocks, which are only worse with low water flows. Well, let me say that the Explorer has proven to be more durable than my high-quality plastic kayaks. Here’s why: The hard kayaks have little give, so they just scratch and gouge deeply over the rocks. The Explorer tends to bounce off the rocks, or it has enough give to slide over most of the rocks with no serious damage. I did the exact same trip, same river, same water flow, with both a name brand hard plastic kayak and also with my Explorer. Let’s just say that the hard plastic kayak suffered a real beating, while the Explorer was ready for more. Yes, I’m sure you can damage the Explorer, but in my experience, and with my conditions on Texas Hill Country rivers, it’s actually tougher than my plastic boats.3. My wife is new to kayaking, and she wants a stable craft that doesn’t feel like it’s ready to tip over. The Explorer is an excellent platform for her, with plenty of room for our fishing gear and a comfortable ride. No, the inflatable is not going to be as fast as most hard kayaks, but that seems like a small price to pay for the recreational kayaker who wants a stable ride and plenty of carrying capacity. The removable skeg is also a nice touch. It’s just a fun boat to be in, and we always get compliments and positive questions from other campers and kayakers who like the looks of the Explorer.Well, that’s about it; and you have my permission to quote me! Thanks for helping us to acquire such a fine product at a fair price.

John N. Evans

My wife Nancy and I took our 420X Deluxe through Ruby Canyon of the Colorado, 26 miles of flatwater and Class 2. At 6’5″ and 5’6″ we are “Big People” yet the inflatable seats were quite comfortable and sat high enough to give us a stronger paddling angle while keeping our bottoms above any bilge water, and were easily removable for lunch on a sandbar. The boat is wide enough to be stable and comfortable, yet paddles easily enough to make good headway against winds. Unlike some brands requiring partial deflation to install or remove the skeg, this design allows easy switching from skeg-less (for shallow waters), or skeg-on (for better tracking). Unlike some designs, skeg-less is a true option since the 420X does track OK even without the skeg. With the self-bailing ports open, we could have used another inch of thickness in the drop stitch floor to float us totally out of the bilge water, but the inflatable seats added enough height to keep us fairly dry. I’ve tested several IK’s and this one is the keeper due to its well-rounded performance and comfort. And with Tim’s good customer service, good prices, and good product, I am now considering buying another kayak from Tim’s Inflatable Boats 4 Less.

Dan Ford

Fantastic Boats and Fantastic People, The Sea Eagle inflatable boats Tim and Crystal offer are fantastic and live up to their reputation. That is a given. But dealing with Tim and Crystal takes the entire experience to a whole new level. They were great helping up choose, order, obtain and learn to use our tandem kayak in 2011 and were always just a phone call away for advice. Recently, we became unable to use the kayak and they were there, going above and beyond, to help me get it to one of our kids in another state. Not something they needed to do, but an example of their caring customer service. Definitely the best way to obtain and enjoy Sea Eagle Kayaks and know personal support is always there.

Donna B 

Hello, Tim: Well, I have the 435 Paddleski down here in Belize and have been out to the reef 4 X’s since I arrived here at end of November. Had some real nice weather a week ago to enjoy the Sea Eagle 435 Paddleski out at the reef. The Paddleski is very stable in 4 ft waves and tracks very well. I like the rust-proof D-rings, the handles in the back which allows handling even when my wife and I load it on top of the golf cart. Thank you so much for your help in acquiring it.Alan G Hite

Alan G Hite