Gone Fishin' PART1

In nearly two decades of selling portable boats to portable people we get a lot of questions. Most of these questions have something to do with fishing from an inflatable boat. "I get it!" Sharp hooks and blow up boats don't mix do they? I don't know how many times and how many different ways I've explained why a fishhook won't poke a hole in a Sea Eagle boat. The answer that seems to make the most sense is that when your hard boat has a hole and starts to sink... the Search and Rescue boat that rushes to your aide will most likely be an inflatable boat.

Sea Eagle Fishing Boats and Kayaks, and now even Stand-Up-Paddleboards (Sup's), are divided into four price and quality groups. Over the next several posts we'll talk about each of these four groups.

1. Sea Eagle's lowest price way to wet a line are the roomy traditional raft shaped Sea Eagle SE 9 Fisherman's Dream ($399) or the Sea Eagle 370 Sport kayak Sport Fishing Package ($289) which includes a Multi-Purpose Storage Box with two rod holders! The perfect package for the fisherman on a budget. Both are constructed with 38 Mill Marine Grade Vinyl. The thickest and toughest in the industry and is designed to hold up to the rocks, shells, tree limbs and other abuses found in and along most rivers and streams. The SE9 also has a removable high pressure (up to 2 psi) I-beam reinforced inflatable floor encased in superior high strength protective nylon fabric sheath for rigidity. Rigid enough to stand and cast. Coming soon.... Gone Fishin" Part 2 will cover the new Sea Eagle PackFish. Gone Fishin" Part 3 will cover the Sea Eagle 285, Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10, and Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack, our three awesome Mean Green Fishing Machines. Gone Fishin" Part 4 will cover the new drop-stitch all new Sea Eagle FishSup and the exciting new Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16( pictured below).
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