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Sea Eagle FishSkiff™ 16

FishSkiff™ 16


Inflatable Fishing Boats

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Our newest, most desired inflatable fishing boat! It is a 1 or 2 person motor boat for fishing. It features a super tough, double layer hull, 1 or 2 swivel fishing seats with rod-holders, a transom capable of taking up to a 6 hp motor.

This new product uses drop stitch construction throughout. This is the same technology that allowed Stand Up Paddleboards to be made inflatable and still be very rigid. Because of this technology, the hull can take a very high air pressure - 15 psi!

The advantages of the FishSkiff 16 over competitive craft are lower overall cost, unique portability and ability to go long distances quite fast with a small motor. Maintenance, upkeep and gasoline use are pretty close to zero. Because of the double fabric construction of this boat, it is quite literally our very toughest inflatable boat. It is very, very difficult to puncture this boat.

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