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New, Lighter, Stronger Sea Eagle Explorers are Here!

If we had to choose one inflatable boat, it would be the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Deluxe. It doesn't track like the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack and it's not as fast as the Sea Eagle RazorLite but "Tough as a Boot" Sea Eagle Explorer tracks well enough and is fast enough and versatile enough and will do all the things the other kayaks will do and some things the other Sea Eagles kayaks can't do!

The Explorer can not only do class IV whitewater it can also in a pinch hold four kids or three adults. The Explorers' 11.5" tubes can ease the entry of the handicapped or elderly paddlers. It's our driest kayak and a great fishing platform. The Sea Eagle 380's flat bottom can more easily pulled further on shore for safes and drier entry ans exit. I guess those old all purpose Sea Eagle 380 Explorers have won me over. They'll win you over too!

The New Explorers features:

  • Cutting edge design- cuts weight by 20%
  • Fewer seams- increases structural strength
  • 16 Drain valves- to get water out quickly
  • A Removable Skeg- for flatwater tracking
  • Full length Drop-Stitched Floor- for super rigidity and faster paddling

The Legendary Explorers were introduced in 1978 and have been living up to their name for 34 years by traversing waterways around the world. The new lighter stronger Explorers are made possible by advancements in technology plus some good old fashioned kayaking experience. Get the best of both worlds; a time-tested proven performer, and a refined state-of-the-art kayak.

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks were first introduced in 1978. We are very proud to introduce the 4th complete redesign in their history. These new Sea Eagle 380x & 420x Explorers now feature a full length, lash-down high pressure drop stitch
floor for greater structural strength and rigidity and a large removable slide skeg for true tracking ability. Because the drop stitch floor is only 3” thick, it provides a very low center of gravity, greater cockpit depth and more inside cockpit space for extra gear.

A great new feature is the 16 open and shut drain valves which allow you to drain the kayak super-fast in heavy white water and in ocean surf, yet also allows you to run completely dry on flat-water rivers, open lakes and bays. Best of all, these Explorers are made with new ultra light, super strong 1000 denier material that reduces greatly their weight (5 & 7 lbs.)

Light enough and compact enough to be checked in as airline luggage, yet easy to be paddled by one or two people. These are great all around kayaks for growing families, serious open water paddling kayaks and true expedition quality craft that can be taken into the wilderness for weeks at a time.

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